airpush banners and smartwall

i want to know if airpush banners are pay per click or pay per empression
and if i use airpush banners and airpush smart wall, the anti virus will detect my app as a virus or not?

and if your using smartwall and banners from airpush please share your ecpm


i am pretty sure that the banners are not based on impressions coz, one of my app(widget which shows banner only once for an install) has never generated a single cent with following data: 3,486(req) 3,008(imp) $0.00(cpm) $0.00(revenue)

i have never received a single virus complaint since i started using airpush-in-app sdk…their other sdk used to get me several complaints in a month…

i’ll try them since there’s no problem with antiviruses, i dont think they’re banners will be worse than admob banners, and i heard that airpush smartwall ecpm increased recently
thanks for sharing your numbers

So has Airpush finally come out with the plain ad SDK (i.e. non-push etc.) - i.e. esp. their SmartWall ?

Airpush Banner Ads: $1 - $1.50 eCPM
Airpush SmartWall: $1.50 - $2.50 eCPM
Re in-app SDK, I’ve tried it in 1 app only and it hasn’t gotten flagged by any anti-virus. The normal SDK does though.

Averages for the last 30 days:
Banner - $1.12
Smartwall - $1.65

Their in app SDK does not get flagged as malware or virus. I’ve integrated it with 9 apps so far.