Airpush Banner Stats down by 50%

Not sure if anyone noticed but yesterday’s stats show over 50% less impressions and of course revenue is affected as well. The smartwall impressions seem fine.

Anyone else can confirm?

Mine looks normal, But Airpush total revenue is horrible comparing to august-spetember.
I really hope the cpm will go up again on dec, coz right now its really really bad

Yep. Something is wrong. Total number of impressions is likely 15-20% lower than before.

Mine downs 25%. What’s happening with AirPush?

My apps get many bad user reviews because AVG Antivirus flags AirPush banner ad as intrusive adware. Now my revenue with AirPush downs. Which ad network should we use to replace AirPush?

Mine downs 50%, and I really had a great day with more users than usual… :frowning: Something wrong with Airpush servers…

Don’t known why but my fillrate is decreased a lot @@ it is just 50% for yesterday (normally it is about 99%).

Banners are not loading. Check your LogCat.

Same for me, only ~30% fill-rate for banners :confused:

50% fill rate for banners yesterday

Yes, Again second day the same. Over 70% down today. What a joke.

Same for me too. For the first time, i have seen that number of ad request is more than number of pushed messages in Airpush. Their inventory seems lacking. May be advertiser started choosing another ad network to spend their money. For me, Airpush is still the second best banner ads network (beside Admob). But i don’t know how long will it last.

Hey Guys,

Apologies for the inconvenience, I’m currently working with our API team to determine what caused the drop in impressions and fillrate for banners. I will update you all once I get confirmation.

Thanks for your patience.

Another major bug with your SDK is AdCallbackListener. When your network doesn’t have any available ads, it just writes a log message “No banner type present in response”, onAdError method of AdCallbackListener is not get called.

I expect that when there is no avaliable ad, the SDK should call onAdError, so that I can request another ad network.

Please check it too.

in recent days airpush banner ads are displayed when there is not time. It affects so much of our revenue. Who is like me? What is this bug?

This is still not fixed, 3rd day in a row. What a f&%$ing joke.

Airpush fill rate is down by over 50% and their eCPM just collapsed by 50%. Guys, Please recommend a new banner ad network. Can’t work with these horrible revenues anymore.

A slightly increasing for impression, a huge increasing for ad request and a terrible fillrate, then eCpm is getting down and I lost money :frowning:

Phil.Airpush any news, when this problem will be solved?

and we are all surprised by this? when has airpush been correct about stats?

Their fillrate is totally screwed right now. Ad Request to impressions rate is only 50% and the total eCPM just collapsed by over 40%. They seem to have lost big advertisers but dont have the courage to post it here.