Airpush banner and Interstitial stats?


If someone who use Airpush actively could u please answer to few of my questions here.

  1. Does their airplay sdk(the one that GP compliant) recognized as a virus?
  2. Banners/Interstitials are they CPC or CPI or CPM?
  3. What’s your stats? eCPM and for how much of traffic
  4. How often their stats are broken?

Thanks. After new Admob, seems I have to move to other adNetworks and Airpush has more reputation then other adNetworks.

Hey. I will try to answer using my experience/stats with them

  1. Yes, but it’s not recognized as virus but as Intrusive Adware
  2. CPM
  3. My this month stats:
    Ad requests - 113,909
    Pushes/Impressions- 122,184
    CPM - $1.17

However, I’m seeing a slow improvements in the last week. The CPM for my last 7 days is $1.34

  1. Stats are updating every hour, but still sometimes(not often) there might be incorrect data. For example let’s say that every hour you earn $0.5, then there might be times when you get $0.3 and after one hour you get $0.7 , this is what I mean by “broken” . And during my night time(GMT+2) I see less revenue than I get in my daily time, but I think this is normal.

Anyways, they said that they’re going to release a new SDK soon which will include 2 new ad types and should get rid of the antivirus issue, so looking forward for their solution.

Hope this helps.

and… I cannot login into my AirPush account. Keep getting 404 Error ?!

Try clearing your cache or using a diff web browser? I had that issue a few weeks ago.

That was not cache problem, but they fixed it! :wink: