Airpush banner ads

Hey i implemented Airpush ads on my game and its working fine on my phone and another phone but in other phones as galaxy s1 and asus tablet it don’t show up… doe’s someone know why?

it is vert frustrating.

Hi Oriz

The ads are targeted based on country, device, android version, internet connection and other factors. So a campaign might not be available for all of those devices in your country at the same time. That is a strong reason why you are not seeing ads. My team checked your integration and everything is 100% correct.


Use the testmode options in the SDK wh

Hi @AirpushNick

What bundle of your SDK that is CPI based and GP compliant? Do you offer weekly payments and what is the minimum amount?

The bundle sdks dont properly work on older android like 2.2 or 2.3 I think they only work on 3.0 or later I have similar issues as well on older devices. But no worries 95% of android devices out their in the world have 4.0 or later

Hi Romel,

The Bundle 1 SDK is Google Play compliant, and offers the pay per install and CPMs on display of the ads. For the install, it pays up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt in.

To be on weekly payments, you need to earn $300 a week for 1 month from CPMs on the ads, and then afterwards are put on weekly payments each Friday. For the standard SDK it is $600 a week.

PM me to chat further.