Airpush banner ads ecpm


If any of you is using airpush banner ads, pls. share some stats.

Before ban for push/icon ads, airpush banners were excellent but after that they dropped in ecpm. How are they now for mixed global traffic?


I am using only banner ads and getting $0.05 ecpm :frowning: very low

that is worse than admob

Hey guys,

Our banner ads have solid fill rates and CPMs, nothing has changed since any updates in Google policies. @taimur97 PM me your email address so I can take a look at your account.


Mine was like this:
DEC: 0.90
JAN: 0.60
FEB: 0.31
MAR: 0.26

Something is going wrong… Don’t know what?? :confused: AirpushNick can you help?

@djuramutavi894 PM me your Airpush email address and I take a look at your account.


March: $0.26
April so far: $0.16

Not the greatest. The thing is, other networks are just as bad. :frowning:

@Skurry but I consider other factors too. From all the inputs till now its clear that admob and airpush are performing equal. But airpush has weeklies (requires a very huge number of banner impressions) but then airpush has log-in and stats not updating problems too frequently than admob. For now I have decided to stay with admob for banners. The only benefit I am seeing is weeklies with airpush but for banners I won’t consider that as a good deal.
I am not using airpush for inters. so anyway I am not integrating airpush for now unless the ecpm for banners is more than admob.
Having said that, for global fill rate, I only see admob, airpush and inmobi as viable options.