Airpush banner ads - ECPM

Anybody is using? What ecpm?
I have in my apps big CTR 40-60% and interested to if worth to add airpush banners.

Hey man you mean 4 to 6? Lol Airpush probably does ok with banners but I’m not using them until they get their shit straight.

hey Dan, waiting for your June income report. Pls. post soon. Its so motivating.

When you have a high CTR I would not recommand you to use Airpush, because Airpush ads are basically paid for impressions, not conversions. So if you have high ctr and not too bad conversion rate, you would do better on CPI/CPA networks.

Here is a chart of my Airpush banner ad eCPM’s. It’s been around $2 eCPM however, as you can see from the chart I only installed banner ads in this app around 1 week ago so I wouldn’t take these results too seriously yet. The app has mostly U.S, Korean, and European users. I have a few dozen apps and use Admob for banner ads in all of them, and although the Airpush banner ad eCPM is much higher than Admob so far, I will need to wait and see the results for at least another 2 or 3 weeks before ripping out Admob.


Using AP banners and seeing $1.50-$2 but its too early to really tell how it will play out long term.

I’m getting around $1.60 for banners for past 7 days.

I wish there was some page where country and ad network wise earnings were published by developers. Built by developer, used by developers. May be I’ll do it if I get time.

$3.50 ecpm but it’s my CTR fault in my app model :wink:
Testing in new app:
1,784 ad requests 1,842 impressions, earnings $6.46

Ill try to add it to old apps :wink:

@ramzixp i’m not following, are you claiming you’re getting $3.50 ecpm from Airpush banner ads ? that sounds a little too good to be true. can you explain how ?
everyone else on this thread seems to be getting $1.50 - $2 eCPM which is still great, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting $3.50 eCPM for banner ads on any network so please share the knowledge !!!

1,784 ad requests 1,842 impressions - because CTR :wink: I cannot tell you type of my apps but it have BIG BIG CTR, user psychology and I have many clicks.

ok @ramzixp I respect the need to keep it confidential. nonetheless, congrats…those are some sensational results !

Do Airpush banners trigger antivirus alarms??

No, they dont. They finally split up their SDK so if you’re using in app units they aren’t flagged as virus/malware. Damn those antivirus softwares they flag almost every SDK as a friggin virus, really sucks for us developers as we know theres no malware yet users are scared off by the antivirus programs.