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I know that there were plenty of threads like this but it has been some time.

Which of these is the best ad network to promote the game with ± 1000$ budget?
What bid, what countries, what campaing lenght, what daily limit etc?

I also know that there is no 100% answer. Please help me invest my money properly. In return I will keep you updated about my game and you will exactly (really, all small details) know what I did, how much I spent and finally how much I earned on the game. :slight_smile:

I’ve already started the thread:

So guys, please share your thoughts and let’s discuss about best paid marketing methods:D

I usually use Appbrain, dont know nothing about Airpush and StartApp. I talked with a Mobvista rep and he asked me about 1$-3$ per install… so you can delete Mobvista from the list.
I spent 1000$ for campaigns in Appbrain, and I spread the money in 5 days and 7 targeted countries. I dont know if im doing in the right way. Maybe we can disccuss in this thread the best strategy to follow in marketing our apps.

Interesting topic!

I’ve tried CPC campaigns though tapfortap when I first started developing but I did not get much downloads through that. I then moved to using appbrain (PPI) and that has worked much better for me. I usually try to get as many downloads as possible so I target countries with a low PPI (I use the minimum bid of $0.2).
@byivan which countries have you targeted and what was your bid?

I have facebook fanpage: and I try to promote it using facebook campaign. I bought only ~7$ campaign (until Sunday) to check if it’s worth it. Facebook wrote that it should give me about 60 fanpage likes. Let’s check:)

It depends on app. I usually check where similar app is crushing charts and I target those countries. Bid between 0.2-0.3$.


And you are able to spend that 1000$ in 5 days in those country even with low bid like 0.2$ / 0.3$ ?
Did you limit daily budget or you can even get 5k installs in one day for 1000$ with 0.2 bid?