Airpush: another disappointed developer

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my story with Airpush.

I’ve been working with them for almost four years now, and never had a problem they couldn’t solve in a effective manner… until now.
I am using their Bundle 2 for my apps, and as you may know, you have to have their latest SDK and all ad units integrated to get paid.
Last month (january '16), I didn’t get my payment, so I contacted them. They told me I won’t get get the payment, because I didn’t reach the 50$ threeshold, and only a small percent of the revenue generated is valid, as I haven’t integrated all ad units.
When I ask the to double check it, as I am sure all ad units are integrated, they reply me with a list of apps without latest version of SDK integrated.
The list is correct, but it doesn’t include the apps I am claiming… When I explain to them, they ask me for statistics about this apps, statistics which are in the Airpush dashboard! Really? Doest it makes any sense?
Anyway I sent the requested info, and again they insist not all ad units are integrated, and that’s what dashboard indicates (0 impressions). But the fact is, I’ve been payed for other apps and dashboard also show 0 impressions. As you may know if you use Airpush, impressions are always 0 for ad units if you use Bundle 2.
When I let them know this, they ask me to send the the apk! Really? I can send any apk, updated or not! What do they expect to do with that!??
I send the apk anyway, and they reply is not the latest SDK version integrated… Is the same version as other apps I have been payed the same month, but they insist is not the latest SDK… And there is nothing else I can do to prove them wrong.
So I lost my earnings of one app (the one generating more revenue) for the months of November, December and half January, as they won’t inform you until payment date, when is to late to update it… 45 days to late.

So guys, be aware, that’s what Airpush has become now.

Airpush really sucks… I hate them

Any clarification?

**** them already come on my friend …chnage network

Yep… they owe me more than few thousand dollars… but i won’t get it… **** them

Your fault for sticking with them. Jump from the sinking ship or drown

They did the same to me and kept my $1000, but i moved my apps to other networks

I stopped using it year ago as I realised they got some problems. Now seems I make a smart choice. Forget about airpush from now on.

Yep, I also changed them a long time ago… But I have some still impressions on old apps with them and they don’t pay everything.
To sum up: AIRPUSH IS SCAM, don’t use them!

airpush payment page says pending earning says: Pending Earnings $870.72 which they will never pay lol because of “improper sdk integration from me”. can’t even fix their website as per their words.

Exactly! They told me : “we will not pay you for bundle 2 because you didn’t integrate all ad types”. I chcecked few times and I had every ad type integrated. When I asked them which type of as they can’t see - they told me that they can’t give me such info… Just SCAM. Earlier they even didn’t tell that we have to integrate all ads. **** them

man, there’s been many posts complaining about this, you shall not have stuck with them…