Airpush and New Google Policy changes

Hello Everyone,

I’m Gerard and I’m an Airpush Representative. We all must be aware by now of the new Google policy changes for Icon and Push Ads Units.

Airpush is more excited than ever as it prepares to introduce a high performing and game changing ad unit to its developers in the next couple of weeks. Click here BETA PROGRAM - A REVOLUTIONARY NEW AD UNIT to be a beta tester and for more information. You can also sign up here Beta Test Registration | Airpush if you or any other developers are interested to test our new ad unit.

Airpush developers with Airpush SDKs have been addressed directly by Airpush executive team and more information will be shared accordingly. At Airpush, the value placed on the welfare of developers is very important besides the collaboration to ensure 100% compliance to Google policy.

It is equally important to share with you that Airpush industry high performing Banner & SmartWall Ad Units have not been affected by changes in the Google Play Store Developer Guidelines. These two ad units, especially the SmartWall Ad unit have been driving up developer earnings than any other ad network and are being used by a lot of developers who currently have Airpush SDK. With the introduction of the new ad unit, there is more earning potential in store for developers on the Airpush Ad network.

Feel free to reach out if you have any Airpush specific questions. Airpush is more excited than ever and looks forward to it’s new ad unit. BETA PROGRAM - A REVOLUTIONARY NEW AD UNIT sign up.



Hi Gerard, before with register, could you please share some information about this new ad unit

i hope it’s as good as push income :slight_smile:

because i think my income with airpush is about
65% push
25% interestial
10% icon

@Yannis Thanks for your interest. The most information I can share at this time is that this new unit is performing higher than anything we have ever released. Developers who have signed up will be receiving further information on this new ad unit so I will encourage you and any other person who has heard about the beta test or is reading this response to sign up. Again, the link is Beta Test Registration | Airpush.



@keitaro3660 This new ad unit will be a game changer :slight_smile:

can you just tell us what it is

So do you know when you will release it?

Also, will you release a new SDK or just updating the old one? I’m sure you’re aware of the antivirus issue which classify any AirPush ads as Intrusive Adware. So I think this is the major issue now.

Please give us some details about the releasing time(few days, few weeks…) .

Thank you

good point

yeah, can you do something with that stupid antivirus?
ads not virus, oh please

I will be really pissed if Avast and other AVs continue to mark our applications as virus even with a cleaner SDKs. The ad networks need to force them to stop their monkey business now.

Also, what happens to the old user who never update to the new version. Will they still get notification and icon ads? Will you disable all notification ads completely?

I am sure many of us also have some suspended apps and there is no way to update them. What happens with these apps, will they still get notification ads?

Gerard, do you really have a new add unit or are you just trying to hang on to developers while you are trying to come up with something? . If the new add unit is real, you will know a proposed release date. When is the planned release date?