Airpush - AirSDK 1.0 now available!

Hey All,

Airpush is proud to officially release two new SDKs with a variety of new ad types and Play Store compliance.

  • AirSDK 1.0 Playstore: is the first SDK specifically designed to comply with Google’s Play Store Developer Guideline revisions of August 2013. It includes the most effective in-app developer monetization tools that have ever been available to Android developers who choose to distribute their apps through the Google Play marketplace. We have added some high performing in app ad units such as: Video Ads, Advanced Overlay and Rich Media Banners.

  • AirSDK 1.0 Universal - designed specifically for use in marketplaces other than Google Play. It includes in-app as well as out-of-app monetization solutions such as Push Ads and Icon Ads. This SDK is perfect for driving the highest revenue streams possible from third party stores.

Please note we have another ad unit in development and will be released shortly and of course we still offer free weekly payments!

You can download the new SDK Here --------------> Developer Update 9-20-13

Looking forward to an awesome Q4! Let me know if you guys have any questions.


Could you please comment about the loading speed of the AirSDK ads? Airpush SDK is has the worst loading speed at the moment. it’s totally unacceptable to hold the user about one minute until load your ad. this tends to bad ratings, low click rate and quick uninstalls. as a developer the loading speed and a method to load ads in background(like AdMob and StartApp) is more important than new ad types.

Phil, when can we expect new ad unit? may I know expected date of the release. Based on this we can plan our work.

Phil, there are couple of things that everyone has been asking:
1- The new sdk has a serious bug as reported by many here. It is not loading ads.
2- The play sdk is still being reported by AVG as a virus. No resolution on this? This is a big impact
3- when you download the zip file and unzip it, there is the com.x.x jar file, and there is a folder that has airTest jar and also has inappsdk. Which one to use or what’s the difference? Your documentation is not clear as it says load the com.x.x file but the screen shots shows the airTest.

Please let us know answers to above as it currently stands integration is not feasible at the moment.

I have taken a look at the new AirSDK of airpush, with the banner, I see new function for “Ads not available”, hope it this callback function will give us a signal when airpush banner can’t show. In another hand, some people said this new sdk still have some bugs, so I decided to keep the old version and wait for some more days. I have replace the smartwall of airpush with startapp smartwall some days ago so I have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Phil, pls fix new sdk , ads were successfully loaded but not shown on screen, smartwall ad…

LOL I just see that Airpush updated doc about new SDK , actually you need one additional call
airPlay.showCachedAd(this, AdType.appwall);

now are ads cached when you pass third parameter true in constructor (as example said)

I think this will speed up smartwall drastically , now we can load smartwall in OnCreate and then just show it on exit immediately.
I hope this will work finally i didint test it yet :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

Please note ads will have a delay if caching in enabled. You must use showCachedAd(this, AdType)

We’ve updated the integration docs for both SDKs. Please follow the doc for proper implementation.

Universal SDK - AirSDK 1.0 Universal Documentation -

Playstore SDK - AirSDK 1.0 for Play Store Documentation -


i’ll just wait for saver and stable update from you, or when you release the new ads version :frowning:

and @Phil.Airpush , please let us know what’s the situation with the AVG Antivirus, you told us 1+ month ago that you’re aware of this issue and it should be resolved shortly. Now with the new SDK that doesn’t have Push or Icon ads I don’t see the reason why they keep it detecting as Intrusive Adware. I’m sure you understand that you lose a lot of business because of this(30%+ of users uninstall our app instantly). And if this issue doesn’t get resolved ASAP then I’m pretty sure you will lose your developers too, because nobody wants to be false accused of offering spammy/virused apps.

I think you should at least threaten the AVG Antivirus company that you can sue them for this false notifications they’re sending to users.

Looking forward to hear from your regarding this. Thanks

@Phil.Airpush ,

I didn’t try it today yet, but I tried everything yesterday. The example project doesn’t work at all either! So I know it’s not something on my end.

I’m a little bummed because I updated all my apps, and I’m losing hundreds a day from this.

@Dan, their sdk is also still flashed by AVG. Don’t why they didn’t contact AVG and offer some payment to get rid of that alert for in-app sdk (after all Airpush is a multi millionaire company now)

That’s ok as long as the revenue makes up for my 30 percent loss of users. In the past it did. But that was with push and icon enabled as well.

Also the majority of users users I lost didn’t uninstall because they all used AVG- the uninstalled because they knew push and icon ads were coming from my app. So the number of uninstalls now should be lower.

Also in one of my posts, I mentioned I figured out that another antivirus app stopped triggering my apps as a virus when I removed the airpush_notify Xml file (which isn’t needed anymore). I haven’t tested this with AVG.

no. yesterday only I used their AirSDK for video ads and the first thing I saw was AVG warning for ad-ware. I didn’t add any xml for video ads.

@Dan, your problem same with me. i send the error log from their code (sample app) and they tell me that error not relate to it. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to integrate the new airplay sdk. when caching is enabled. we show the ad by this, airPlay.showCachedAd(this, AdType.smartwall), right? is the cache deleted after?

do we need to re-cache again, i.e. calling for example airPlay.startSmartWallAd();, after calling airPlay.showCachedAd(this, AdType.smartwall) if we want to show new ad again?

Hi, I am Prakash, working for Airpush, please see our answers below:

It seems you have enabled caching. Please utilize the Listener method “onAdCached” to retreive caching information and call airPlay.showCachedAd(this,; to dispaly Ad as as illustrated below in the sample code snippet:


airPlay=new AirPlay(activity, adCallbackListener, true); // ad caching is enabled

airPlay.startAppWall(); //this will start the AppWall ad but it will not show you AppWall instantly.

public void onAdCached(AdType adType) {

//you will receive the information here if an ad is cached.

//now you can show the AppWall ad at any place within your app. You need to use the following method:

airPlay.showCachedAd(this, AdType.appwall);

Please note that they are detecting our SDK as an Adware and not virus. I would also like to inform everyone on this thread that our business team is already working with them to get this issue resolved. We do not have an ETA right now but will keep all of you posted here.

Question #3
Please use com.x.x jar file only. AirPlay test project is for demo only.

Yes. Once it’s displayed it gets deleted.

If you have enabled smartwall caching while integrating Airpush SDK then you will have to always call airPlay.startSmartWallAd() to fetch and cache new Ad from our ad server before showing the Ad since previously cached Ad is deleted immediately after it is shown to the user.

"Kindly note that this is not a bug but a new feature which we added on demand of our publishers. Developers can now call other ad networks for ad inventory in case ““ads not available”” status is received from Airpush ad server and thus never missing on any monetization opportunity. Please override following method as explained in our sdk doc:

public void noAdAvailableListener() {
//this will get called when ad is not available