airpush ads not showing since yesterday morning

annybody else experiencing the same? support say they are having maintenance but impressions should be served normally. I dont believe this as I am clearly having the issue in advertiser and publisher dashboard

NOT a stats delay but there’s really no click showing up on my tracking as well

any other publishers experiencing sharp decline in impressions these past 2 days ?

2 days ago the stats froze for half day, and when they updated the numbers were waaaay to low… like having 45$ half day,and the other half only 9$… when we got 125$ the 2 previous days. Today the stats were low too but not as much (85$) but we had a big decrease in installs and that also counts.

We have seen “Internal Server Error” with the ads, as described in another thread (We usually just test once, to see if both ad types work and then we publish). Thats probably related aswell.

Hi Jill,

If you can PM me your apps information (manifest, APK, App ID and URL), I will escalate this with my team.

Airpush Nick