Airpush Ads Help?

I have recently added SDK 6.0 to my applications. I have it popping airpush.startAppWall(); on the exit. I have airpush.startPushNotification(false); and airpush.startSmartWallAd(); on the oppening of the application.

What i wanted help with was to have an Add pop based on activity inside the application. If i can get an add to show up on the exit-out. What coding can i use to have it appear when they are using the application. Or even a timer set to go off every time the Airpush interval allows an ad unit. Could anyone suggest something to me for my MainActivity File so i can start testing?

Calling airpush.startSmartWallAd() will show it again and in AdCallbackListener you will be notified when your ad is showd/closed.

Basically i want to set a timer inside the MainActivity that pops smartwall once Airpush will allow another ad to be served. So if the app is open, it is constantly running ads