Airpush Ad Serving Problem

I’ve noticed that my CPM dropped around 30% today and later I found out that ads were not displaying to all of my apps.

I’m seeing this error in logcat

04-01 23:33:11.238: I/SSDK(11894): smartwall json: {“status”:204,“count”:0,“url”:“”,“message”:“Temporary error, please try again later”}

It says temporary but it is happening more or less 2 hours ago at the time of this writing.

Do you see the same problem?

Hi Romel,

I am not sure of the issue here, but I have escalated this with my support team, and will PM you when I get feedback. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Airpush Nick


Thanks… Error 204 is a server side problem. It is labeled as temporary error but it happened most of the time… This SDK is in BETA so I think there is something to fix here. tnx