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Airpush account is suspended suddenly without any notice

I feel so depression for airpush. On this tuesday, My airpush was suspended suddenly without any notice, and my account have sevral thousand dollars. I sent sevral email to them thoes days, but didn’t recieve any reply. Is it they always try to suspend your account when your income is high. Without any email or any notice, which makes you feel so despression and cause you loss lots of money.
My account is suspending without any assistance. Is it anyone can give me a hand?

why didn’t you opt for weekly payments?

Your cpm was very very very high?

There has to be a specific reason why they suspended your account. They won’t just suspend because you have a high pending revenue. A couple thousand to them is peanuts to them. I would contact your AM to see why your account was suspended.

My account was briefly suspended earlier this year because majority of my app links were invalid, maybe similar case??

not very hight. my emp was between 1$ to 2$

how did u know that ur account is suspended ? did they send u an email ? im trying to log into my account but i cant ?

I hava the same question … I cant login . I am so angry

Yeah, I feel they are so unrespect developers. They suspended your account, and then will not pay attention to you any more although you send so much emails to them. So unrespect us. Angry

I’m weekly payment. So they suspended my account at their will. I feel they are maybe a liar company.

I couldn’t login my account, and then sent emails to them, they just told me your account was suspended, and no pay any attention to you any more although you sent lots of emails to them. So unrespect our developers. No reason, no why, their just want to suspend your account, because they want to suspend you by their will.

My app links were all valid at the market. I thinked their maybe just want to stolen my money by suspend my account.

Through contact with airpush team, they have recover my account. Thanks for all your help!

do you guys know any specific reason to the suspend?
if you share it here, others can avoid the same mistake


I have sent you an email regarding your account status. Please reply back. Going forward if you have any questions/concerns feel free to PM me so I can assist with any issues you are experiencing.


Do we know the reason why it was banned in the first place?

recently, i have seen couple of people got their accounts suspended in this forum. did you guys change any rules. if you can elaborate the reason for suspends, i think it will be helpful to others.


I had the same problem with my account several months ago. I lost my account and I hadn’t recovered it. I lost my money too, of course.
Answer from Airpush support? I waited about month. Help from Phil.Airpush? No answer. Reason account suspended?
Only this info: “Hello,
As per the response received from our concerned team, due to unusual account activity, your account is suspended from using Airpush. You may direct any further inquiries to Account manager at [email protected].”
I wrote him “show me any proof, because I am not cheater” No answer to this day.
I have dozens of popular applications. I cooperate with some of the big ad networks. Cooperation is good.
In conclusion, I have a very bad opinion about Airpush and I advise against this network to all my friends.

Hi , I also have the same problem. Could you give some methods to solve it?
My ID [email protected]