Airpush 360 Banner Ads

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share this article by App Developer Magazine on our latest and greatest 360 Banner ads.

Airpush’s Revolutionary Abstract Banners Offer a Completely New level of Mobile Banner Engagement/ | App Developer Magazine

You can get started with the 360 banners in the newly released SDK available on your dashboard.
Let me know if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

Airpush Nick

Do we have to show EULA for the 360 banners?

Hi Yannis,

For each of our SDKS, the EULA will show when they first open the app and is required.
This is for Google Play compliance and user transparency.

Airpush Nick

But we are talking about banners here, isn’t a bit too much showing eula for banners?
Does anything else happen in the background that requires eula? collection of information e.g

When using our standard SDK the banners require additional permissions to serve more enhanced and better targeted ads, so the EULA is required for user transparency for them to opt in to.
With the bundle 1 SDK, it also includes our pay per download ad type which has a different EULA screen.


sorry Nick, but it really sucks, that it requires EULA for banners. That is just a banner… Users are always afraid from EULA

Yeah, for the same exact reason I stopped using AirPush.

If the SDK is slim, I would try that. The banners look leally good. But no way that I will show an EULA to my users. Sorry.

I’m a bundle 2 user, and now I have to update my app with the new SDK .
Is the Banner 360 would have an impact on my Bundle 2 revenue or should I go back to Bundle 1 to profit from it ?

These 360 banners made me decide to give Airpush another shot. Trying to optimize banners is a very cool idea and the 360 banners look very sexy. I would expect them to perform wonderfully…
After hearing that they improved some developer’s click-through rate, I decided to test them out and update one of my apps (even though doing so would cause the app to get some new permissions that I was not fond of i.e. GET_ACCOUNTS and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION). The app gets a decent amount of downloads and I could get some good data over the weekend to see how great Airpush’s 360 ads performed…

I setup my app to do a fair and even split between AirPush and Admob creating a 50-50 split to happen on each of my ad calls. There is a 50-50 chance of showing an Airpush Interstitial or an Admob Interstitial and on an activity that shows banners, there is a 50-50 chance that it will show Airpush 360 banners or Admob banners. I got my app ready with new Admob ids and new Airpush ids and let the app run over the weekend.

Before getting to the results, let me tell you first about my traffic…
27% are US installs
13% are Malaysia
12% are Indonesia
7% are India
and the remaining are from Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, etc. (in that order)
I just wanted to make sure you knew that these stats are coming from an app that is well downloaded around the world and not just in the US or “Western” countries.

Saturday: (got additional traffic due to upgrades from the previous version)
Admob Interstitials - 891 impressions, 37 clicks, 4.15% ctr, $6.74 rpm, $6.01 earnings
Airpush Interstitials - 445 impressions, ?? clicks, ?.??% ctr, $2.76 rpm, $1.23 earnings

Admob Banners - 2649 impressions, 21 clicks, 0.79% ctr, $0.32 rpm, $0.86 earnings
Airpush 360 Ad - 701 impressions, ?? clicks, ?.??% ctr, $0.32 rpm, $0.23 earnings

Admob Interstitials - 839 impressions, 28 clicks, 3.34% ctr, $3.82 rpm, $3.20 earnings
Airpush Interstitials - 374 impressions, ?? clicks, ?.??% ctr, $2.61 rpm, $0.98 earnings

Admob Banners - 1424 impressions, 13 clicks, 0.91% ctr, $0.50 rpm, $0.71 earnings
Airpush 360 Ad - 1181 impressions, ?? clicks, ?.??% ctr, $0.07 rpm, $0.09 earnings

These are terrible numbers for the Airpush ads!! I can try to think of reasons why Airpush ads did not work in my apps (i.e. demographic, type of app, devices popular with my app) but the bottom line is that Airpush ads and the 360 ads do not work as well as I hoped. Even adding in the CPI earnings from users accepting the Airpush EULA, the Airpush earnings fall far short of Admob. The impressions on Admob and Airpush should have been equal but Airpush seems to have a sub-optimal fill rate. But, even with the ads that Airpush did show, the rpm was still worse than Admob.

In conclusion, switching from Admob to Airpush (for my apps) would result in a 75% reduction in revenue. That sucks! I really wanted the 360 Ads to work, they look sooo cool. Sorry Airpush.

hello AirpushNick I’ve sent you a pm about airpirush bundle2, I still haven’t received a response from you, hope to hear from you soon…

Hey everyone,
@Luckysam I have already sent you back a message.
I am sorry to hear everyone’s feedback on the EULA and 360 ads.
Showing the EULA is for you the publisher to be completely compliance with Google Play ad policies, and be truely transparent with your users with any data being collected to show the most relevant and engaging ad to them, along with giving them the option to opt out. Other networks without a EULA are collecting more or less the same data without informing your users or giving them that option to opt out.
@DroidAday Thank you for the detailed test results. I am sorry to hear that they did not perform to your expectation but I am glad to hear you think they are cool looking. The 360 is a new product and we are ramping up our ad inventory on a daily basis with premium brands in new and engaging campaigns (especially with major holidays coming up in the United States), so CPMs and fill would improve.

For your concerns on fill rate, our SDK does offer call back listeners to cascade down to another network to fill a request. We also just released a new Mopub mediation Plugin.

Can you please PM me your Airpush account email so i can take an additional look?

If you are using 3rd party markets, our Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide (a $50eCPM).

Hello Nick,
this mopub plugin is working with 360 or just with standard banners? where can I find it?

Hey Brad,

The Mopub plugin is for 360 and standard banners. I will need to enable the plugin on your account. Please PM me your Airpush email address and I can do so.

Airpush Nick

Nick, before u advertise your new 360 ads, first go and fix them. Did u guys check if they are even working ?

Hi Intergig,

I just responded on your other thread.
Can you please PM me your Airpush email address and the ticket number with my support team and I will personally investigate.

Airpush Nick

Hello Nick,

I just PM you but I think this is for general interest and is good to share opinions, so if you dont mind.

I tried 360 and design speaking is really nice (I don’t know KPIs yet) but I found the size of the ads are so big and most of the times ends overlaying some app content which is against Google policy (Ad policy), I tell you because in the past I got apps removed because Ad Policy (overlaying content, and I must say that’s not completely true but we all knows Google), I hope there is any explanation to this.


Edit: I see now the close button! so with close button is allowed, can you confirm please?

The ads do include a close out button for the user to remove the overlay.
They can still use the app and click on areas where the banner is showing, but they need to click on the action button to go to page / market for the app.
These ads are 100% compliant with Google Policies.

Airpush Nick