Air push CPM 0?

i am using airpush sdk for 1 week now, and i used it to 2 of my apps
i don’t get many pushes under 50 in one week

but the i wonder why? one of my app CPM show 0, am i integrate the sdk wrong or what?

here my data :
Apps 1
New install : 1
Ad request : 13
pushes/impressions : 37
CPM : $2.97
earnings : 0.11

and the other one
Apps 1
New install : 1
Ad request : 12
pushes/impressions : 34
CPM : $0
earnings : 0

so can someone explain to me, what this mean?:confused:

I think, because it’s new and too low. Once it has more pushes, and especially with clicks, it should be “something”, not zero.


Please PM your account info so I can take a look at your apps. I would also suggest giving it a little time to generate more pushes and your data should be updated.


thanks for the reply guys, and i have sent you pm Phil, :smiley: