After a few more months

nook 96 - $106.55
google 5 - $5.55
amazon 24 - $23.31

nook 60 - $58.61
google 17 - $17.44
amazon 36 - $31.98

nook 49 - $58.30
google 19 - $21.37
amazon 21 - $21.21

nook 83 - $104.31
google 18 - $22.51
amazon 15 - $16.69
$143.51 *Not quite over yet, so probably a few more sales

The lite/demo version gets about 20 - 30 downloads per day/per market on both google play (active) and amazon. Hopefully that target base will help me launch my next app.

So its going and growing, albeit slowly. I’ll be officially launching my next app within a week. It is already available on Nook, Amazon has been accepted but not live. I’ll put it up on google tomorrow or Sat.

I’m releasing it on iOS as well so I’m waiting for it to get approved there. I kind of wanted to do a huge launch for both platforms all at the same time, but who knows when apple will get to it, and whether it’ll get accepted or not. All the ios stuff meant spending more money. I think once I get paid from Barnes and Noble within the next week I’ll be even again.

I knew it was going to be a grind, but getting used to poor reviews has made it worse. Drives me nuts when people review the demo version and say they like it, but don’t want to pay or they want more content, and thus give 1 star.

I put the app on AppsLib and Fuhu. I had high hopes for Fuhu, but so far only about 150 of the demo versions have been downloaded and only one sale. There is no way to link to the fuhu appstore from the app, so i didn’t include any cross promotion–I was just hoping they would see a more from this developer screen when they download it. I’ll see if I can just get some links to my website in there and see if that helps at all.

Corvid Apps

Grats on another app. I think one needs to build momentum with many small apps, or get one big app (which is MUCH, MUCH harder to do… almost like winning the lottery, no matter how good the app is!).

That’s kind of my strategy. Just launching a bunch of small apps. I’m just trying to get the momentum going. I’m still learning android dev as I go along.