After 4 months only 1000 downloads - reupload?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My first time on this forum, hope to contribute somehow for the wisdom gained from the forum :slight_smile:

I have a question that I need to discuss with more experienced developers. I have farting app (yes, sooo original - but it’s my first app ever: ) which is looking better than most of the apps from that segment, but after 4 months I got only 1000 downloads and revenued $19,70 (and just because of this unknown clicks which brought me almost half of that). I use AdMob and LeadBolt, but since LB brought me only $1,84 and ONLY the first day (while after that non stop zero’s…) I recently paused their ads (it was one interstitial on the welcome and exit ad when exiting game section).

I think about reuploading it since the first time I uploaded it it was without any, even basic, graphics. Plain text buttons. Now it’s more flashy and eye catchy, but it passed 30 days freshness period. Would it be wise to do it or it’s better just to make it better?

Thought about making seperate apps from that one - sounds and bomb for one, and fart game as another app. Still thinking, though.

You are in a category which seems to be getting a lot of searches. See following apps for search term “fart sounds”.

One quick suggestion, have a look at the description of the above two apps and your app description.