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affiliate marketing via houseads

Hello, is there anybody in the crowd here who tried combining houseads (e.g. admob) with an affiliate marketing system? I wonder if it makes financial sense and where to look for offers to advertise. I already learned from shareaSell its against their TOS, but how about others?

So you’re directly selling your advertising space to advertisers you mean yes?
I would like to know where to do this also.

I have not started yet. I dropped an email to clickbank and shareasale with the second one providing me with a NO reply.
I do believe that with knowing my app and being presented with a searchable base of affiliate offers I could get the one interesting for my users presented with higher CPM than right now.

Anyone did something like that?

I was working with yeahmobi. 5830 click ->10,50 dollar.

run your own affiliate offers not run others, they will lowball you. 5830- $10 is pathetic. You should be making atleast $100 from it.

Also it is against the Admob TOS, I’m pretty sure.

However, mMedia has “Client Ads”. I’m pretty sure you can stick affiliate offers into those.

I haven’t tried, because it seems like a lot of work for a small increase in revenue. It might be a large increase, no idea. It’s just a lot of times you can’t slap an affiliate ad up that targets every country; you’d need to upload multiple types of offers to hit all countries.

You are being screwed. That is $0.0018… ie: 0.18 cents per click. You should be getting more than 5-10x that!

I know so I removed from my app.