AerServ Mediation - Tis the Season to maximize revenue and fillrate

Hi All,

If you haven’t heard yet, AerServ offers a video mediation and monetization platform. Boost your CPMs and fillrate by monetizing with multiple ad networks at once. Why put all your eggs in one basket and get low performance from one network when you can setup a waterfall of ad networks and prioritize by CPM? Each ad network has strengths in specific regions of the world. With our mediation you can get highest CPMs and fill rate wherever your traffic is located. Additionally our AerMarket offers competitive CPMs for all ad units.

Why you should be using AerServ mediation:

  • Access over 35 ad network’s inventory from one single SDK. Majority of our supported networks are through S2S meaning you wont need to integrate any additional SDKs. No more having to republish to the Playstore each time you add a new network.
  • Manage and control all networks through a simple to use UI.
  • Easily identify which networks are yielding you highest fill rate and CPMs and reprioritize your network waterfall with our easy to use drag and drop feature.
  • Monetize with high paying ad formats: Video interstitial, Static interstitial, Banner, MRAID, VPAID and more.
  • Superior customer support, available 24/7.
  • Guaranteed $6 CPM for interstitial impressions (US only) - Aerserv Max

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize revenue for this holiday season!

Ping or email me if you have any question or want a demo: [email protected] | philiptse85 (skype).

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Cheers and Happy Holidays!