Adwirk Network (self-served platform) traffic available!

Adwirk Network (self-served platform) looking for partners who need mobile traffic at good prices. We have direct sources and affilliates. Work on CPC/CPM/CPV/CPA/CPL.
All type of display traffic: banners and full page/pop up/popunder ads.
We work with JS/Html tags.
Deep targeting options, all geos coverage, billions impressions per month, sources filtration system and a system for assessing the quality of traffic is always at your service. Ready to work?
Please, sign up Adwirk Network Member
and feel free to contact me if you have questions and need help. I almost forgot to tell you, a minimal deposit of just 10$
We do not work on rev share or performance. All our traffic is bought on CPM/CPV/CPC/CPI/CPA and the numbers shown in our self serve are the numbers we have sent.
Email: [email protected]
skype: igor.adwirk