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I want to go on tour but myself. Are there people who travel? Advise travel blog.

Are you going to learn something new for yourself? In this case, you will love Carmen’s blog ! Her blog is filled with lively emotions, great tips and a detailed overview of each five-star hotel. I read the blog regularly and dream of following in the footsteps of Carmen.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, simple travel, travel round the world or travel ideas for the deaf & disabled among us — you’ll find someone who travels just like you, blogging about their experience.

There are thousands of travel blogs & bloggers out there on the internet these days. The list below represents some of the most active travel blogs online, and I update it on a regular basis.

hey, you said about trip around the world! How can I save money on it? Simply I’m going to have such a trip, but my budget is limited… Do you have some ideas? Personally I would like to visit China, Germany, middle east, beaches in south america… I want everything but don’t have money for this…

My advice for the new travelers is to start with their own country. This is great for the beginning, as it’s cheap and easier because you know the language and some of the roads. Then go to the neighbor countries and so on, until you’ll conquer the world. If you’re looking for adventures and you’re nor scared of getting lost, you can look for some unique travel destinations on this site.

Good, im interested too.

Yes, I started traveling in my own country too, it turns out there are many exciting places. And it’s much easier to plan an itinerary this way, airline tickets, by the way are also good to buy on your own with discounts with good consolidators, I can say about Voyagu recently bought many tickets through them, really comparing prices I understand that they are the best value.