advices for racing game promotion

Hello everybody,

We are team of indie developers, we started our game in 2012 and released over month ago. During that time we’ve tried to promote our app, although not much of a paid promotion, just one review, advertising with social media and several forums posts. At this moment we are running out of ideas how to increase download rate. I think there is a good idea behind our game and implementation is pretty decent so what do we miss ? Do you think we diserve more than 1K download per day ? Can you take a look at our game and make some constructive suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Hi shajder,
Congratulations for your game. The first thing I would do, will be change the app icon. I don’t really like it. You can hire an artist to make a profesional one.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi byivan

Thanks, I am aware icon’s not perfect although the fact you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is not professional, beside it I have feeling that fixing icon will not impact our download rate, is it ?


Wow. I guess that explains a lot.

I think byivan is right, the icon could be improved. What i personally don´t like is the lack of any frame and the rough corners. The icon in general does not give a good impression, considering the very good quality of the game.

I also think the improvement of the icon will definitely have an impact on the download rate. Anything that make the game stand out (positively) will.


This is what your icon looks like on a phone. Just a smoosh of pixels. Who’s gonna click on that?

thanks, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any constructive criticism I just didn’t expected icon remarks. I already asked our artist to fix the icon.


Sorry, didn’t mean to be harsh, but I was a little surprised that you didn’t realize how important the icon is for click through rates (which directly translates to installs). If you have a bit of cash to spare, you should A/B test by running banner ads with old and new icon designs and compare their click through rates. You’d be surprised at the differences.

Also, your description needs some work. Just a cursory look at what would be the top key words and their count in the description:

  • race: 1
  • racing: 1 (+ 1 in the title)
  • car: 0
  • drive: 0
  • driving: 0
  • simulation: 0

Think about how you as a user would search for a racing game. What keywords would you use? Make sure to repeat those keywords in the description, up to 5 times (but naturally, not in a spammy way).

It looks like a great game, it’s painful to see that it doesn’t get discovered because of basic ASO mistakes.