Advertising on Facebook, do you have any information/experiences?

Hey guys, i am looking for different alternatives to promote my next game.
As the title suggest, do you have any experiences or information about advertising on Facebook? It sounds quite interesting that it has enough volume to target any specific country/age/gender i want to.

Thank you!

If you know your preferred user demographics Facebook advertising is amazing.

I just created a campaign to try it, targeting Chilean people with android devices and chose a paying on a CPC basis, with a max. bid of $0.01. Let see if it gets some impressions…

Interesting, please keep us posted on how it goes.

To mention: It has 2 kind of advertisements. One is mobile and another one is web. So, you should choose the mobile one, so everyone who’s gonna use facebook mobile app will see your advertisement. With mobile type of ads, you could add GA in your app, and give the specialized link to Facebook, so then u can track how many install your ads from facebook will bring to u.

@Daler Thats exactly what i did. But i am having some problems reading the GA board. Where can i see the number of downloads per specialized link? Thanks

@XdebuX On the first day i got 95 impressions and 5 click. So I just changed the maximum bid to $0.02. Ill let you know how many impressions i got today.

I think that one can not measure the installs coming from the Facebook ads with GA. When i replaced the link of my ads with one with a GA tag, Facebook automatically changed my ad setting to web ads. I tried several times and i could not configure ads using a tagged link. Then i googled a little bit and found this on the Fb website:

“You need to integrate Facebook’s latest SDK or work with a mobile measurement company in order to get access to measurement and installs. You can leverage our tutorials to help you get started with Facebook’s SDK for iOS and Android. You don’t need to implement Facebook Login to create or use mobile install ads. However, you will need to reference methods in the SDK to measure installs…”

I just browsed through a book on facebook marketing today and the most emphasis was put on using the eye catching images in ads. Like a boy with an apple on his head, a girl looking to her left downwards, a cute kitten etc.

Hope that helps to get more clicks.

I did not use facebook ads for my app so far… It’s strange that u can’t add link with GA tag for mobile ads. As u are as an advertiser for facebook, you have a very good chance to get a response from their support. Send to them an email about this.

To see what is the source of your installs in GA dashboard you should go to: Acquisitions->App Marketplace. And on the opened screen u will have to put “Secondary dimension” just right next to “Primary Dimension”. Click on that “Secondary dimension” and choose from the list, Acquisitions->Source. After that u will have all source of installs.

I’m not so sure but u have 50-50 chance to see installs from facebook. So far I can see 1-2 installs from other sources, and i did not generate special "TAG"s for them.

Hey guys,

Some time ago I did an App that in order to unblock some level was necessary to ‘Like’ the official Facebook fan page of the App, after 1 year I got 5k likes which would good for self-promoting other apps (even I don’t use this quite often), the thing is that today I published on the fan page one of my new apps, basically this would target 5k users but I have extended this range by paying 20$, in total 40k users will see my publication. Let’s see how it progress

33k impr on Facebook, 100 clicks on the link… oh dear… never again :slight_smile:

App/Game promotion with a twist. It may sound weird but it works:
Hire some local poster guy and hand him posters/banners of your app/game and pay him to distribute those posters in malls. Most of the people visiting malls do have a smartphone and are likely to be engaged in app/game introduced to them in this way.

Android Secrets for Developers

I paid for FB ad and I’ve got 0.7% CTR. I was very glad about that. I reccomend you to buy FB Ad Coupon 50$ for 5$! So you basically save 45$.

facebook is a hit or miss, most of the time its a miss because its hard to understand how to make your campaign profitable. I tried marketing on FB of some of my pages before, spent about $1 per like on average… useless!

havent tried apps but I would assume the only thing that will work on FB is a decent game with good retention and revenue path, otherwise you are throwing money away.

also, measuring and basing your ROI off 1-2 installs, or even 10-20 installs for that matter, is like collateral damage, you need a sizable campaign to understand if it really works for you or not, $0.02 bid won’t do it.