Advertising in addition to banner ads


I have a few apps all running small 320x50 admob banner ads. I’m interested in what advertising can be run alongside this to increase revenue, without annoying the users of the app (not airpush for instance)

I’ve read a few threads about appWalls, and App Brains’ more apps in addition to this, what are people’s experience with these? There was a thread running to say that AppWalls are running out of advertisers and that sometimes even with clicks the ecpm can be zero. Is this still the case?

Are there any other types of adverts that people have had success with as well as banner ads?


I only use AppBrain, but it doesn’t get me much nowadays (it’s good when you release new apps because new users are more likely to show interest in AppBrain). Well, I use also Leadbolt, which pays for actions, not clicks - os it can have zero eCPM sometimes. But I have Leadbolt only in one a small game, so it’s hard to tell how well that works for me. I think not bad, better than banners I think.

I had a terrible experience when promoting my game app on AppWalls. I mean if there are just many disappointed advertisers like me, I guess that’s the reason why AppWalls are running out of advertisers…so my suggestion is to hear what advertisers say about these ad. companies.then make your choice. Also take care of what type of ads should be put in your apps. for me, I would be glad to be offered with some other game choices , especially when I need a break during playing the game. But I would feel annoyed if I found a car or restaurant ads. while I am in a game app:)

@MikeMcK, my experience is that nobody will tell their secrets. I am also new and experimenting a lot to see what works what not. BTW how many apps you have published so far?

@MikeMcK you do know you can use full size interstitials and use them on exit? I actually think they are solid! I tried them out and I get about $3.00 eCPM and above. I place them upon exit and it works well. Also Admob pays you on CPC… Just

Agree~interstitials do perform better than banner ads with much higher CTR, just make sure to display the ads at the proper time… like on the app’s launch or just before exit as this will reduce intrusion to a
minimum. And I found this article which introduced 50 mobile ad networks, may be helpful to you:)Top 50 Mobile Advertising Platforms in 2013