Advertising ID from 1st august?

Hi, I have notification in my console past few days, saying something like this:

Beginning August 1st 2014, all updates and new apps uploaded to the Play Store must use the advertising ID (when available on a device) in lieu of any other device identifiers for any advertising purposes.

with link here

However, I really do not understand what is expected to do from my (developer) side. Anybody understands?


What I understand is that Ad networks need to use this “Advertising ID” in place or things like IMEI or other IDs that networks use to identify devices.
A few networks are already on board with this, as of course Admob is. It just seems to be an SDK update on the developer side of things, as far as I understand.

“Once the new policy is active, apps using a persistent ID other than the advertising ID may receive a policy violation warning via the publisher site or the email address used to register the account.”

This sounds scary. Which ad networks are already using advertising ID? For far, I know Admob (GP Service Version) and Appnext are using it. If anyone know, please add on the list.

Well, i just started with admob few weeks, so I am not so experiences, but all I know is that I used only “admob id” or adUnitId in my app and google analytics tracking id.
That’s all, I do not use any IMEI or other ids. Does it mean that it’s ok?

Yes. You are fine if you are using GP service version of Admob.

Airpush use this?

This sounds like what I was worried about - that using ANDROID_ID for purposes different than advertising might also get you banned (since it will be almost certainly checked by an algorithm…). I will remove from my apps any ANDROID_ID references even though I use it only for control sums.
MoPub, Amazon, AppBrain, MMedia are also using Advertising ID in newest versions.

This is what I worried too. I am thinking to remove all read phone state/wifi state permissions, however some ad networks still required those permissions (for example, StartApp - mandatory to use wifi state permission, mobileCore - optionally to use read phone/wifi state, MobVista - not explicitly written is that mandatory or optional).

So, how do you guys dealing with this? Waiting for latest SDK? Or wait until August and see will Google throw some random ban?

To add on: Developer Policy Center
“The advertising identifier must not be connected to personally-identifiable information or associated with any persistent device identifier (for example: SSAID, MAC address, IMEI, etc.,) without the explicit consent of the user.”

People, if i am correct this is ONLY for new apps after 1st August? So we don’t need to worry with existing apps, but if you are updating existing app you must use latest SDKs from your ad providers.

Yes, that is correct!

Hi Binoct,

The Airpush SDKs had already been updated to be compliant with the new Google Advertising ID Policies (our current SDKs already use Google Play Services SDK). We have just released an updated SDK with enhanced advertising ID compliance, and I recommend updating your apps when possible. This is already available on our dashboard.


Hey Nick, I see Airpush still using read phone state permission in the documentation, which I believe is to identify the IMEI. Is that permission still mandatory? I don’t want to take any risk, and prefer to use advertising ID only, at least for August.

Hey Shuiwo,

I’m checking to see if there any changes to permissions in the new update. I’ll find out and report back.


The current documentation is correct, and with the updated SDK is 100% compliant using the advertising ID. @shuiwo PM me with your concerns and we can chat in more detail.


Airpush also supports this advertising policy now , they sent there updated sdk email last night . good job airpush !!!


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If i understand well, policy changes concerns only apps released/updated after 1st August and present version of apps in market are okay ?:slight_smile:

Hi @mil84- Have you checked out this blog that MoPub posted? This MoPub | Google Advertising ID FAQs link might be very helpful for you. We have updated our TapIt Android SDK (v2.0.1) which includes support for this new Advertising ID.

Hey can anyone please help me understand what is this advertising ID ? and do my apps which already exist on play store need it ? or only the apps which will be published on/after 1st august need to include Advertising ID ? Thank you :slight_smile:


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Hey @kingloki1991 you can have a look on what is Advertising ID in this article. Apps that will be published or updated after 1st of August should use this!

Hey @anreasv thank you ! that clears my doubt , i guess i’ll be working now on updating my apps now .


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