Advertising Budget?

Got a game build and will be releasing in a month. my budget for advertising is around $1,500 (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter).
Have any of you invest this much that have gotten good ROI (Return on Investment)? Any recommendation on advertising the game for better ROI? Any estimates on downloads.

The game is a Angry bird type of game but very different. similar to this Buy Crazy Ox Endless 3D Running Game for iOS Full Games For Unity |

Currently setting up the like pages and landing pages for the game(s). Like to add that this game will be cross platform for IOS and Android.

Should I use more $$ on for Ads?

I’m planning on using Admob and Chartboost.

Sorry for the questions but it’s my first game and trying to supplement my income to quit my shitty job in the future.

Has anyone here have put that much on advertising (I’m sure), if so, what results has you guys got?

I think I have a great offer specifically for you. I will be posting a thread in marketing forum later today, it will piss off a lot of people, keep an eye out.

I’ve spent close to $4000 before, with moderate success. I can definitely tell you that FB installs is probably the cheapest source of traffic at this time, however if you plan on scaling that up to say, 1000 downloads, or 2000 downloads per day, CPI can go up really quick.

I will. any other insight? send me a PM if you can.

thought you might be interested in this