Advertisers are doing it wrong!

I am running a campaign as a test for someone.

This is a banner advert, and is from a major household brand name. If you live in the US, you will have ordered from them.

The requirements are:
[li] 1 advert per user per hour, as a frequency cap
[/li][li] Refresh up to me (set at 60 seconds, my default)
[/li][li] Limit on the amount paid per day
[/li][li] Paying a fixed eCPM
[/li][li] Spread throughout the day

Results for the 320x50 banner advert: CTR is 7.15% !!!

This is the second day in a row that I am seeing this CTR, so it is no mistake. This REALLY shows how good a advert can perform if all the right conditions are met… instead of spamming it all day long!

Full disclosure: my normal CTR for good adverts is 0.6-0.8%. For Admob text adverts, around 0.3%.

Very good… It’s all about the right parameters…
I ran an in-house campaign with an image banner and got around 2% CTR… not bad, but 7,15 is really awesome…

What are the right conditions? What makes a good banner ad?

Thank you for your insight.

As spammy as some people say they are, that CTR is normal for notification ads, and much higher for icon ads.

And i can tell you why…
People don’t know what that new icon on their home screen is because ads should not behave that way. Many peoples first reaction would be that it’s a virus. Imagine what that would do to android which already has a bad reputation of having lots of malware and virus in their apps… however people are also curious and want to find out what the icon is and why it’s there. Therefore your high CTR.

Has nothing to do with people actually wanting to check out the app/site being advertised… I did the same thing the first time i saw this type of advertisement.

Imho this ad type should be banned altogether as it gives a bad reputation to Android and doesn’t help developers either (sure you earn a little more but you’ll get a lot of bad ratings and reputation). I saw one app for example with 100,000+ downloads suddenly received a huge amount of 1-star ratings because of notification ads.

Now since notification ads are still not against the policy of Google play I don’t mind you using it although ill never download an app of yours but please do not try to justify them because of their high CTR, cause it has nothing to do with how good the ad type is.

That’s great :slight_smile:
I don’t know if the number of advertisers could be a problem for some networks (not having 60+ ads to show) but otherwise great tips and it also shows that it is possible to get a great CTR from normal banner ads. :slight_smile:
I guess the design of the banner also plays a small part in how successful a banner will be.

Offerring a widely demanded product xD
@solirify fully agreed

To reiti’s point, I suspect brand recognition may be significantly contributing to the high CTR you are seeing. That said, it certainly is a testament to the power of brand recognition!

absolutely true - just look how many people buy a weaker device, just because there’s an apple on it xD
haha ->

lol. I’ll buy your first apple strudel. =D