Advertiser showdown

Hello friends (And David :P)

Lately I discovered that sooner or later, amateur or veteran developer will be challenged by implemented decision on freemium app.

Everbadge or Tap Joy

Leadbold or Air Push

Admobs or Adsense

Appbrain or Slideme

Or Multi-advertiser ?

Service and targeting audience is widely different, for example Tap Joy seems to specialize on getting user click on their offer wall to get virtual currency for GAME, while Admobs can apply on every screen of any app category, am I wrong ?

Nevertheless, it has been quite a headache, as if someone or everyone can be with me to analyze and know these advertiser’s target audience and the differentiation in their services.

Sadly I’m too young and much on the green side, so I’m looking forward to discuss and learn with great and experienced friend here :D. Every advertise always want to show the best of themselves, always guarantee xx revenue in return and great fill rate, or higher CPM …etc, I say developer knows best.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

P/s: I’m making a casual reading app, which advertiser would you recommend ?

That’s right, some of these ad networks have a different focus to others. Generally speaking, I’ve found they work like this:

Tapjoy -> Virtual Currency
LeadBolt -> Content Unlockers, Interstitials, Banners
AdMob -> Banners
AdSense -> Mobile Web Banners
AirPush -> Push Notifications

So it’s up to you as a developer to choose which one (or more) formats will work best in your app. Most of these networks offer very different formats, with the exception of LeadBolt which offers a wide variety, including Push Notifications now.

My advice would be - try several different networks and see which performs best for your app. All of these networks offer something unique, and you can even switch between them to provide some variety for your users in terms of advertising inventory.

FYI I’ve attached a chart showing the different advertising networks I’m using this month, along with the percentage of monthly income they’ve each provided. I’m using all of these networks in the same app, just randomly switching between them. So each method has had roughly the same number of pageviews.


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Do I understand correctly David that you put aside the Google’s AdMob (based on the chart you’ve presented)?

No, I’m still using AdMob in most of my apps. In the chart it’s actually hidden under that tiny sliver labeled “Other”. My AdMob income this month has been practically nothing (just a few dollars), because I’ve been filling most of my inventory with House Ads.

I would welcome you to try using Airpush. Register your app via the link -

Please let me know what App Names you may have registered, alternative email addresses, and current status.

From my side, I can track and push your app or advertising campaign. If you need assistance integrating, drop me a note at [email protected].

hey david - im sure your fill rate is high if not 100% but maybe you could give TapIt! mobile advertising a try…

id love to get your opinion! just if you want.

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