Adtrafico - Affiliate Marketing Network. The Freshest Offers. Illegally-High Payouts

Hey guys!

Let me introduce the leading one-stop affiliate network that will make you mint: Adtrafico. We are an innovative affiliate network connecting industry-leading advertisers with the best publishers in the biz.

Only the Freshest Offers. Illegally-High Payouts. Dedicated AMs. That’s what’s up at Adtrafico.

Mutiple verticals
We work with the biggest advertisers in Dating, Sweepstakes, Mobile Billing, Utilities, Surveys, Bizopp and many more… Only the freshest offers, many of them exclusive to us. Our unique advertiser relationships bring you exclusive deals and custom landing pages.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager
Your AM will be on top of stuff, sending you fresh links, updates about your payments, even tips on campaign and page optimizaiton.

Weekly Payments
We pay like clockwork: every week via wire, Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney. No delays, no holidays. Get your money fast and scale your campaigns!

If you’re looking for a solid network to send your traffic to, join our army of publishers and start killing it.

Adtrafico - Affiliate Marketing Network
Email: [email protected]

[li]S&P - Amazon $1000 WAP+WEB /US $2.45[/li][li]S&P - iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /US $2.45[/li][li]SweepstakesCentral Win iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /US $1.60[/li][li]iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /DE €1,90[/li][li]S&P - Amazon $1000 Winter Wonderland WAP+WEB /US $2.45[/li][li]iPhone 7 WAP+WEB SOI /AT/DE/CH €1,85[/li][li]S&P - XBox 1S Winter Wonderland WAP+WEB /US $2.45[/li][li]Zalinco Win the new iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /AU $3.20[/li][li]S&P - Monopoly $200 Theme WAP+WEB /US $2.45[/li][li]iPhone 7 Plus WAP+WEB /IT €1,05[/li][/ul]

[li]WinterSwipe WAP+WEB SOI /US/CA/AU/NZ/ZA Payout: $2.80 EPC: $0.20[/li][li]Cougarpourmoi WAP SOI /FR Payout: $3.00 EPC: $0.19[/li][li]Hot-Sexdates WAP+WEB SOI /CZ Payout: €0.40 EPC: €0.16[/li][li]FreeSnapMilfs WAP+WEB SOI /US/CA/AU/NZ/ZA Payout: $2.80 EPC: $0.17[/li][li]C-date WAP SOI 30+ /AT Payout: €4.80 EPC: €0.26[/li][/ul]

[li][MOB+WEB] Follamigos DOI 18+ /ES Payout: €3.00 EPC: €0.18[/li][li][MOB+WEB] FreeSnapMilfs SOI /UK Payout: €3.00 EPC: $0.19[/li][li][MOB] C-date SOI 30+ /DE Payout: €3.70 EPC: €0.20[/li][li][MOB+WEB] FreeSnapMilfs SOI /US/CA/AU/NZ/ZA Payout: $2.80 EPC:$0.15[/li][li][MOB] C-date SOI 30+ /AT Payout: €4.80 EPC: €0.25[/li][li][MOB] Loveaholics SOI /UK Payout: $2.00 EPC: $0.18[/li][li][MOB] OneNightFriend SOI /AU Payout: $2.00 EPC: $0.22[/li][li][WEB] CasualClub SOI /FR Payout: $3.55 EPC: $0.19[/li][li][WEB] FlirtNachrichten DOI /CH Payout: €7.20 EPC: €0.18[/li][li][MOB] IAmNaughty SOI /CA Payout: $1.60 EPC: $0.13[/li][/ul]