Adsyolo mobile ad exchange. Come check us out.

Hey guys,

We’ve got an exchange of sorts that I’d like to invite you all to come check out. Basically it’s a single sdk that allows you to work with around 128 current demand partners who are bidding on the impressions your app generates in real time.

It has the option to be turn key and hands off and the system will optimize for you or if you are finding that certain partners in certain countries are just pulling your ecpm down you can exclude them. Payment is simple and is in whatever currency you want, just enter an account you want it to go to, paypal is also an option for your payout.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Terms, ecpm for countries and devices, SDK implimentation or whatever.


It looks like you are focused on China traffic specifically. You should really have mentioned that…

The demand partners are global and while the majority of members currently are in Asia we’ve got plenty of guys in other countries who are using this also. So while the main focus of the company is currently inside China the exchange takes a more global view of the mobile ad game.