adsense and admob with a different email ?

Hello guys, i have an adsense account that i don’t not actually use anymore but its still alive i didn’t disable it, but when i signed up for an admob account i used another Google account, so now i have adsense and admob but both with a different Google account , i’m not sure if this is would be a problem or not ? this is my first month with admob , im not sure if i will get banned before or during the payment ?

any help guys ?

Well according to Google you’re only allowed one Adsense account.
I don’t think you’d have a problem though, as what seems to happen is that if you’re e-mail address is already registered with an Adsense account when you upgrade to the new Admob, the two accounts are merged. If not then I would imagine there would be no issue.

well if i understand what u explain then when i upgrade to the new admob which must happen sooner or later, they will make a new adsense account for me right ? and they will merge it with my admob account, so thats makes me have 2 adsense account, the old one and the new one with the admob account… should i close the old one ?

That is very strange. I have 6 years old adsense account.