Adsense (Admob) account deactivated - two accounts

Something sad and strange happened last night, and I wanted to hear some opinions from you.

I have a main personal account that I had since Gmail actually was in beta, and I had an Adsense account tied to it as well. This is mostly used in some small webpages, and quite frankly I don’t make anything more than couple of bucks a month there.

When I startet with Android dev two years ago, I also created a new account to facilitate this. This one was tied to Admob (the old one, and now I had gone over to the new one).

Yesterday I got e-mail from Google that both of my Adsense accounts were deactivated because invalid account activity. First of all, I don’t understand how and why they deactivated both at same time. I know that I have used both accounts on my phone, tabs and so on, is this the reason - that they link these to accounts to one? I have checked through the list of reasons for Google terminating the adsense account, and I cannot see any that I have violated.

However, I was updating one of my apps for releasesoon and had implemented admob there. Even though I didn’t set any test devices, I never cliked the ads during dev. Could this have been a reason?

I have appealed for both, it may take a week or more.

Some questions?

  1. Any of you guys experienced it lately?
  2. Did you get your account back, and was it restored to the same as before deactivation (money, apps…)
  3. If you have any other information or feedback on this, I would be really happy to hear.

The good thing is that it’s only the adsense account, I can still implement some other ad network. But I must admit this almost was like a slap in my face, and actually feeling hurt for not knowing why :confused:

Though I never got banned, I can understand your position. Don’t loose hope, try other networks in the meantime. Be informed that google may not re-instantiate your account. Your developer account could also come under this false scanner (just maintaining two gmail accounts is different than having 1 gmail account and 1 google account for android dev. Gmail account = Google account).

My advise is to just forget your older google account and use only the developer account going forward. Clear browser cookies, offline data, format machine if you have used two google accounts on same machine. There is also option to delete google account which you can go for before disposing off the older account.

Just to be clear it is only the Adsense accounts that have been disabled. Not the main Google accounts.

And my first personal account is not an option to get rid of, thats too important for me anyway.

Someone else had something similar happen to them, was it @Skurry? Sorry if I’m not recalling correctly.

Google are very good at linking accounts together. They have engineers and techniques that check these things.
Based on what other developers have said in the past, something has probably been triggered on your old account like too many clicks on ads or your webpage(s) not meeting their newest policy.

Do your best to get in contact with Google, remembering these two things: be very patient and be polite.
I know they don’t deserve it at all given what they’ve done to you, but that’s the only way you’ll stand a decent chance of appealing the case.

There are tons of other ad networks out there, so don’t worry too much :slight_smile:

Yeah I read that thread now. From what I understand it’s totally ok to have two accounts right? But if they first decide to disable one, they will take the others too?
My appeal didn’t go through - so i gotta start looking for replacement ad networks :frowning: