Adsense account not related to apps but linked to admob disabled. Worried.

Hi guys, I have been using adsense for over 2 years on my web and mobile sites and recently starting o develop for android. As natural choice I’ve gone for admob and linked my adsense and admob acocunts.

Just 2 days ago google disabled my adsense account (apperantly) because i use deceptive ad placement so that content is under the visible part of the screen. I didn’t do it intentionally, I’ve had couple ads together on the top of the mobile site and if reviewer visited it with a small screen phone they probably though what the heck!

I am now worried that this fill get my admob account closed. I’ve read that if reason is invalid click activity they close both but couldn’t find any information about above reason. Although I’ve linked another google account to my admob I am pretty sure their system will keep the link behind the screens

Any one have any experience or advise?

Admob are quick to ban people who breach their T&Cs from what I’ve seen. They are also hard to appeal with too.
I would make every effort to fix the problem or to try and get in contact with them if that isn’t possible.

Don’t use admob. Look into Mopub

yes your best bet should be now to start looking for alternatives. you can never trust google. I myself disabled adsense from my admob account as I was getting 30% CTR for 1 week now, which is definitely a red flag.