Adsense account disabled -- bye bye $5000 in revenue

I received an email from Google this morning saying my adsense account was disabled due to suspicious activity.

So without and explanation or warning they have closed by account and grabbed the 5000AU estimated earnings for the last two months.

I have had the Admob account for several years and the ad’s have always been on the app in the same place.

You can see the app here

I have appealed their decision, but don’t have much hope, I can’t believe they can rob people without even saying why.

So much for the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, Google have charged me with a crime that they wont say, found me guilty, and then fined me 5000 and I will probably never know why.

I call it theft. This close to releasing a version of my app with a rant where the ads are now. They are still showing ads in my app as well… Thieving …

Not happy.

Oh, so why acccount closed? :frowning:

I have no Idea, I make sure i don’t click on any ads. Google don’t tell you why either.

" In your case, we have detected invalid activity in your AdSense account and it has been disabled.

We’re limited in the amount of information we can provide about your specific violation. We understand this can be frustrating for you, but we’ve taken these precautionary measures because intentional violators can use this information to circumvent our detection systems."

This is all they say. I guess I will have to see if they can tell me what is wrong or will just take my earnings for themselves.

I really sorry when hear your problem. It’s seem you used adsense acc for earn money on some your websites. Your website are violent of TOS Google adsense. Therefore they banned your adsense and relate to your admob acc. Let check again your websites with policy of Google ad.

I checked your app, it can not be make your money reach to 5000$, right? something wrong here? :slight_smile:

I have 25,000 active installs with a ctr of between 3% and 5%.
It can generate 100 -> 200 $ a day when there are good ads around.

It’s quite high. the solution in this case, you should create new admob acc and add id again to your app. Second solution, you can contact me, i will give you a admob id for your app, i will send your money which be earned by your app. Just need 5% of revenue you earn. :slight_smile:

ctr of between 3% and 5%. That was a warning sign for you. The max has to be 2.5%-3%

CTR between 3% to 5 % should be the culprit.

So I’m being punished for showing successful ads over which I have no control?

Doesn’t seem right, It’s not like a web site that can be click bombed. It’s just a simple but popular app that has been on the market since 2009.

100$-200$ a day with below 50k install? This is the big surprise. I have many app have 300k install but only earn 20$/day.

May be this reason make your account disabled.

Pls. don’t judge by install count. Count it by number of impressions. A daily impressions value of 20K with CTR 1%-2% should give $15-$20.

Damn that gets me even more worried about my 10% CTR on Interstitials -_-

No, No, and once again, No. Please stop spreading that kind of nonsense. I assume you are talking about your own personal experience when you say 2,5% to 3% is the max. CTR that is acceptable. My CTR was always between 5 and 17%, and I made thousands of dollars with admob. My account is still alive.

I really appreciate it if people share their personal experience, and thats what forums are there for. However, please don´t declare your personal experience as generalities.

I though it was implied that when someone posts a thread on the forum then it is his/her personal opinion. No one has ever been able to predict Google accurately. Even I may get banned with 1% ctr and you may not get banned with 50% ctr. CTR is the only thing which looks odd to me in the information shared in this thread.

This might be your case, it is quite different for others and there are lot of threads in this forum itself discussing it.
Following is a blog, a little old but explains it. Developing android games: How to get admob CTR close to 10%

I suppose most bans come not directly from Google but from advertisers. So 17% CTR won’t get you banned if the advertisers that show ads in your app are small and don’t report observed low conversion rates. But in large campaigns if the advertiser notices too high CTR and low conversions he will inform Google and they will ban you right away (along with other that caused the low conversions). You just have been lucky, armando. [Disclaimer: it is only my personal opinion based on forums and blog posts by people who have been banned and those who haven’t. :wink: ]

I would have been lucky for quite a long time on quite a few apps. Though, your logic is replicable! What kind of reports does an advertiser get anyways? Sorry, drifting off-topic.

From app’s screenshots on Google Play it seems that one of your ad placements is against AdMob policy - the ad is between application’s content and navigation buttons.

Perhaps that could be reason for the disabled account?

See this video:
AdMob Policies for #AdMobStudentChallenge - YouTube

^^^ thats exactly why you got banned, putting ads next to buttons, and thats why your CTR is off the charts.

I am a bit confused about this specific point : placing ads at the bottom of the screen. It seems to me a huge number of apps have these ads. Is it really a violation? Looks like AdMob is going to have to ban a third of its publishers :slight_smile:
The presentation from the Google guy is confusing:
compare his 2 slides:

this one
this one

Seems contradictory doesn’t it?