Ads2Apk old hummermobi SDK

I got a message from Hummermobi saying that i use the old SDK and my income will decrease slowly. Any else have the same problem? I hope Ads2Apk fixed this asap

Hmm… I updated theird SDK few days before 20th September and is another version which is urgent to update… I asked account manager about SDK link. If you have this SDK, please send me link.

SDK’s are updated already on ads2lwp and ads2apk for hummermobi. they shutdown the old sdks last week. But the new sdk’s are good to go with ads2lwp and ads2apk

hey i subscribed and i am not getting airpush and widdit ad network options . i remember they being active before , whats wrong ??? also i sent you emails kindly take a look please . anyone else face similar problem ?

Ye, issue was resolved.

Ye, issue was resolved