Should I be blocking any of these ads and only allowing some?
Will blocking some help to get me more profit?

Also, should I have certain settings to help make more profit? I am a tad new to advertising and am trying to max out the money.
Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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Hi @xjoey20x,

Mastering the art of advertising is not easy. On one hand, you want to make as much revenue as possible - we all want to earn a decent living. On the other hand, too many ads will piss off your users that will leave your app, resulting in lower revenues.

You need to find the right balance point. If I were you, Iā€™d start with interstitials, not banners, and possibly a nice welcome screen with offerwall. If you can, try to test 2-3 networks in paralel and see who gives you the best support and highest payment.

I recommend that you try Appnext, of course. But you have many more to choose from as well. PM me if you want to hear more.