Ads Network - Unity

Good day,

I’m finishing my unity game and I’m having troubles to choose an ad network.
I always used admob + startapp. But now I want to use video ads too and I want to share this game using android, iOS and windows phone.
I was thinking about startapp and inmobi/adcolony for videos.
So, which ad network is better for each scenario?


Hi Kyzar,

Just to let you know that at Airpush our smart wall is a collection of various in app interstitial ad types, interstitials, video, overlays, and more to earn you the most revenue possible. Our Google Play compliant Bundle 1 SDK also includes our 360 abstract and traditional banners and our pay pay download (up to $0.04 per new USA user install and end user license agreement opt in). We also have a native Unity plugin to make integration quick and easy.

PM me to chat further.