Ads network for Indonesia and other tier 2 countries?

Could you please advise which ads network is better for indonesian traffic? (with ecpm cases please)
we have a lot really… video ads preferably
what about inmobi? somebody used them?

by the way interesting cases of ecpm from other tier 2 countries - Brazil. Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina

Our cases:

UnityAds ecpm
Indonesian - about 2$
Brazil - 1.16$
Mexico - 0.61$
Turkey - 1.48$
Saudi Arabia - 0.87$
Argentina - 0.76$
Thailand - 1.84$
Viet Nam - 1.34$

Thank you very much!

you are the person who post the information in the forum?, asking about indonesia advertisement in different countries

Hi @ind, check out our eCPM comparison - you can easily find eCPMs in all countries (tier 2 as well) from major ad networks : AdMob, Revmob, InMobi, AdColony And Applovin.

Regarding inMobi performance in Indonesia, as can be seen in our comparison page, iOS eCPM in October was $0.59, while on Android InMobi eCPMs was $0.25.

hi there,

It’s not only the eCPM that counts, it’s also the fill rate. If your fill rate in Indonesia is 50% and the eCPM is $2, then the actual eCPM is about $1.
With Appnext, the fill rates are always 100%, which is extremely important in tier 2-3 countries.
My best advice for you is - whoever you choose, make sure they have high fill rates. That be have a major impact on your revenue. If you interested in trying Appnext, sign up or ping me for more details.

UnityAds is already a quite good provider for video ads. You should try display video ads first, if not filled, fall back to interstitial.

yes, I know that unityads pretty good provider… but in the current two days we have sharp falling all performance for tier 2 countries and as a consequence reduction of income about 6-7 times… thats really bad situation
By the way they have really good fillrate… i think they had best fillrate and in our mediation list has 1st place (we also tried applovin, admob, heyzap, chartboost, adcolony)
if somebody have really nice ecpm, fillrate for tier 2 countries with any ads network - give your advice please (it will be better if you have some cases already)
for android

by the way we make games (and mostly kids games)

I am also notice a sharp drop in eCPM for video ads since few days ago. I used Chartboost anyway. Few months ago, I get up to eCPM $8 for video ads, but now is struggling around $2, same as you, tier 2 countries.