ads inside list

Hi everyone,

I am developing an app for Android which main purpose is to display a sort of gallery inside a list, oriented vertically. The idea is to place the ads inside the list, say every 15 pictures. The banner at the bottom is a valid option, but I don’t like it too much because people is blind to them, and they take up room. Instead, by placing banners between the content of the app, maybe they gain more visibility and attention.

What I am afraid of, is that this “visibility” makes them too much annoying. What do you think?

What you refer to is called native ads, I think its less annoying then whats out there today (banners, interstitials, video).

That’s called “native ads” and apparently is all the rage nowadays. From what I’ve read, MoPub and Inmobi offer them through their SDKs (basically banners that you can customize to integrate them better into your UI).

Awesome - just what I was looking for, thank you :slight_smile: