ads in unity 3d

hello everyone

im thinking about start developing android games using unity 3d but i want to know if i can integrate ad networks like startapp or appwiz in unity 3d games?

i tried to google it but i didnt get clear answers

Heres a tutorial on adding admob banners to Unity games:

Haven’t looked into integrating startapp or appwiz, but I’m sure theres an easy way to do it.

I was about to create a topic about it. :cool:

How to integrate Airpush and StartApp to Unity3D games ? Any tutorial or article will be great.

How to integrate StartApp’s SDK for unity?

here are a few things i found with a quick search in the forums for unity.

some sort of in game and banner ad system
InGame Advertising Network for Unity launched

someone made a unity package for leadbolt - not sure if it still works but worth a look
LeadBolt – App Monetisation/ Advertising info and support

this one looks really cool because it has static branding
Mobile In-Game Advertising | Reloaded In-Game Advertising

you could probably find more if you search the unity forums.

Hey All,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know we now have plugins along with full integration tutorials for the following:

  • Unity3d
  • Titanium Appcelerator
  • Shiva3D
  • Phonegap
  • B4A (Basic 4 Android)

Please check out our wiki for full integration steps.

Plugins for Airpush Android SDK -


Sweet…perfect timing as I just created my new app with phonegap