Ads for "designed for families" apps

I’ve developed an app for the Google Play “designed for families” program, and I want to monetize it with ads.

I’ve tried with AdMob, but if I configure it as they say ( ) I don’t receive any ad (even test ads).

So… Is anyone using AdMob in a “designed for families” app? Is there another ad network I can use with such program?

It’s a minefield really because of COPPA. I have two such games and I have removed any ads from them to be safe. Better use IAP but be prepared to refund if someone’s child buys too much by accident.

All i can say if you choose Appodeal and turn on option “For kids only” you will still can receive porn-like, erotic ads :wink: i have received several 1star reviews for my kids apps for that…don’t know the situation right now, but i’m not sure they can really handle it

Also would like to know what benefits does “designed for families” brings ? Any boost in downloads ?.. is it worth it ?

I haven’t noticed any boost. But my game was old and abandoned long time ago, so I wasn’t expecting much…

So ads are not the way to monetize a “designed for families” app, right?