ads for app or html5?

Many networks are providing html5 web banners now and I wonder if that is a better joice instead of using application banners? You wont need any sdk and much better: no extra permissions.

I wonder if it is allowed to integrate mobile site banners into applications?

I integrate website banners into WordHero on the BlackBerry Playbook. This is because it uses the android compatibility layer. NOBODY supports it via their SDK’s. So it looks something like this:

Playbook hardware -> Playbook OS -> Android Compat layer -> WordHero -> Mopub -> Leadbolt web JScript Tag.

Getting it working took a LOT of email and pain. Total earnings are just horrid.

Thanks for the info. I was considering doing sth like that for Playbook, but I’ll pass I think. I hate developing for Blackberry - it doesn’t even support Ubuntu which I use.

I thought some mobile networks already used a WebView to load ads. Looking at the logs for MoPub, it seems their whole ad is loaded using a Javascript wrapper anyway.

As far as I have seen in the networks, they ALL use a WebView, their SDKs just handle things around it.

I was just curious about the difference, especially when integrating new networks into MoPub for example which are not directly supported. Sure, you lose every benefit of the server2server protokoll…

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