Adnetwork for India?

Well,My app is in Top new Free and Top free in India in Casual category!So Want adnetwork with best ecpm at India


We invite you to try We have the best ad inventory for India and can help you make the best eCPM and revenue from your app. We also, have some cool promotional offers for 2014 at the moment. PM me if you need more info. :slight_smile:

why support in Adiquity are very bad ,if i send any message i wait days before any response , also why payment details review take this much time

Could you please PM me your concern along with your email id so that I can address it immediately? Also, the payment details are reviewed once every week. So yours should be approved by monday or tuesday if you updated it last week.

Hello @Gamerstudios give a try at Pollfish. Pollfish provides app monetization by delivering surveys instead of ads,offering minimal intrusion with high payouts. There is a great inventory for India there that you can take advantage of!

@andreasv, what are your payment terms. How much does impression/click/filling of survey earns?

Hello @javaexp, thank you for your message! Payments occur through PayPal on a monthly basis with minimum payment of $30. Developers get paid for each survey completed through their app with minimum of $0.3 per completed survey!

Hello, can you please give a test app link, or any app that already uses you monetization service? To see in practise

hello @Javanshir! the best way is to have a look at our demo appto see how a Pollfish survey is rendered through an app.

This is a guess but perhaps inmobi since they are based in India, I recently read an article that they are one of the largest ad networks nowadays.

True. Inmobi are the biggest ad network after Admob (and Maybe Millennial, after they purchased Jumptap)

A bit of an old thread, but i’m doing a shameless bump here since the topic is relevant.

This is a call to all developers with traffic in India - We have recently locked in a couple of new, India local advertisers and their ads are showing amazing results in India.

If you have traffic in India, this is the time to get on board.

Reach out to me for more info - [email protected] or Skype - ariel_shimoni


Hi , Mobvistahas good campaign offers running for India traffic, maybe you can try on us. - This is Turmin from Mobvista.

is it for banners or appwall?

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Hey Javaexp, it’s mainly the full page ads.

I have seen some increase up to $2.5 eCPM from India recentlly using startApp. Probably there are having some high paying clients from India.