Admod android question

My question is Admod free and help you get more downloads?

I hope someone out there know.

Do you know what is AdMob? Because I doubt. It won’t matter how you will use AdMob, to monetise or advertise, they will earn money.

Yes i do some what i do.I thought Admod help you get more user for your download.So your not the one that get more users?What i mean i want to promote.

If you want to promote, then it is not free.

I don’t understand if it free if i don’t promote and what house ad same as promote your app?

Use House ads, they are free.

What are House ads?

It’s also called cross-promotion. And is not actually “free”. Some ad networks or mediations allow you to show your own app in a % of impressions (it’s not free because you are not earning directly with those impressions).

Instead of showing an interstitial of Clash of Clans, you will show an interstitial of another of your apps to gain traffic.

i think i understand now.

Hi syntax,

Just to expand on this, ad networks usually provide two services: publishing and advertising.

Becoming an ad publisher, i.e., displaying ads on your app, is free. Advertising your own app in the ad network however costs. Some networks allow you to do cross-promotion, but if you are a small developer it may not be an option (ideally, you need many apps with relatively good traffic for the investment to be worthwhile for both parties).

For small developers, DIY promotion (via forums, social networks etc.) and ASO (App Store Optimization) are still the best bet to grow your traffic.

Once you have grown your daily active user base, you can monetize your app with premium ad networks like AdBuddiz :wink:

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