Admob: Your current payout amount exceeds the limit

after 1 happy month with the new Admob, i’ve got a problem with my local payment.
Western Union seems to have a limit upon receiving money on each country, which is sucks, because i made more than the limit.

“New form of payment required
Your current payout amount exceeds the limit for your selected form of payment in your country.”

My Options are :

  1. Western Union(Primary)
    Large payment amounts may be split into multiple payments. Learn more

How can i split into multiple payments???

  1. Wire Transfer
    My country is not listed in the list of EFT, so the option is to open overseas bank account (USA).
    Anyone done this before, can i open bank account in USA virtually?

  2. Checks
    This is the last option, if above not working, i want to avoid this as possible.
    does admob support express checks? how long till i receive my check?

Time to move away from admob…

hey, i want to ask you, what is the limit of western union, and what is the fee?

and for the express checks, i think that admob supports it. on my account i have that option, but i want to try with western union, so can you help me with information?

i don’t know about the limit but no fee charged using WU

don’t know about your country, I’ve called WU and they said only $1500 per transactions. Different country different rules perhaps.
Where can i found express check? Can’t see it.

I cant use WU, because wu limit :frowning:

Which country R you from?

are you sure WU limits $1500 per transaction? where you from? did you receive your payments already in WU? how much?