Admob: We've Temporarily Suspended Your Account

Hi guys,
I just lunched my app recently and Admob suspended my ads account. The message indicated that they detected invalid activity on the AdMob ads hosted on my mobile applications. Is there any way to track the causes of this incident and how to prevent it?

i’m only using interstitial ads on exit when users click to view some details.

I’m also looking to integrate other ads network that support interstitial and some control on the ads sensitivity (Like preventing ads with sex contents).

What do you suggest?


Ads on exit is very risky. Some times they load out side of app. Avoid putting ads on exit. Trying doing ads on launch. Maybe users going back to home screen after checking out other screens. Never leaving the app on back button press

Sorry, I show the ads when user exit a certain activity but not the app it self.

Showing ads outside of apps (on exit) is against Google Play Developer Policy, did you read the policy before you submitted your app?

You have too high CTR. You can not show your ads out of the program (
You need to download the advertisement after the start: adView.loadAd(new AdRequest.Builder().build());
At the right moment is checked and shown downloaded ads: if (adView.isLoaded());
Close the program is possible only after the closing ads: adView.setAdListener(new AdListener() {public void onAdClosed() {…//exit

his CTR is fine.