Admob vs Mobfox vs RevMob vs Mobclix

I’ve used admob with 2 of my games and it worked well, but since they stopped paying via paypal, I want to try a similar alternative. I wouldn’t mind giving a try to madvertise.

Right now I’ve implemented Tapjoy in my app and it’s working fine (the app is not published yet so I tested my self and I they automatically pay per install after going live or what).

I would like to have one ad network that pays per install, and another that pays per click a Xx50 banner.

And another thing, I wouldn’t mind implementing intersitial ads if this pic is true:

this graphic represents $10 eCPM on interstitials. Pretty much true with 5% CTR :slight_smile:

I have both banner ads and interstitials in my game, and I make more that twice as much on banners as on interstitials.