AdMob Virus Ads?

Anyone else seeing these “Found 5 Viruses” type of Ads on admob? How to disable these? Which category?
As far as I know these type of ads are against rules even tho they are not saying that the virus was found on device they are still missleading

Yes i used to see these kind of ads by admob but not for quite a time. This is how admob rolls make rules for advertisement networks and doesn’t follow itself.

Do you use any other networks besides admob? I have seen that stuff from other networks, but not them.

Well yeah FAN too and they both use AdChoices but this was AdMob ad which is annoying

That’s too bad.
Have you reached out to them by chance?

Is there any point in doing that? Sending any mails is pointless, unless it’s costing them money it’s very unlikely you will get answer

Prolly true. But if they even read it, they may be able to put a stop to it. It happens in every network. Some shady ads pop up from time to time. Best thing you could do is to let them know. You don’t want your users thinking you are doing something shady when its something your ad network can clear up.