Admob very very very low ecpm


I had very very low ecpm for last 2 days.

My rev. dropped 75% last 2 days.

anybody else?

thanks in advance.

yes me too i had very low :frowning:

I’m thinking about moving to appodeal

what do you think about this

I am hearing good things about appodeal but i have never tried them.

I am also using startapp.I have 2 accounts one of them is normal , other is terrible.

i can not suggest anybody.

everybody is saying this period is a transition time.

i hope we will see good results in last times of this quarter.

I am an Appodeal’s client. This service is really good with strong support team. I did not use Admob cause I show only video ads. But they for sure support all types of ads and lot of frameworks. Payout system is very comfortable, you can ask them to pay at any moment (immediate payouts).

Best ecpm all year round? Black Friday. Second best? Christmas.

Worst? New year’s day. Second worst? All January & Feb.

Deal with it.

Try Facebook’s Audience Network.

I saw a thread here that a load of devs had big drops with FAN recently?

This interests me too.

The ecpm has been so low, that i’m considering integrating in-app purchases… does anyone here have good experiences with in-apps purchases, do users go for it or not so much?
It’s just tiring having to be dependent of an ads company with low ecpm every single day.

Just use both types of monetization. Anyway you will loose nothing. User who has never bought nothing will watch ads, rewarded video is a worthy alternative.

Few weeks ago I integrated FAN (again). I was running FAN and Admob together, 50% split. I would not recommend FAN network at the moment. Fillrate (in my case) is ~30% and average ecpm (for both banners and interstitials) is around $0,2-$0,3. It is lower than Admob. Number of impressions: 60-80k/day.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I forgot about rewarded videos… between in app-purchases and rewarded videos, anyone knows whats usually the best option? I have a game and I can give hints to the users, and I’m thinking about selling the hints.
Because I’ll have to implement something.

U never know, until you give a try =) A lot depends on the game itself and the amount of traffic. iOS users tend to be more payable, comparing with Android’s. Anyways rewarded videos seem to be a really good idea + you could make a knight’s move showing ads to those users who don’t pay)

another shitty day…

lowest ecpm ever… I’m definitely implementing in-app purchases.

How much ecpm do you have actually ? How much impressions per day ? Also do you use admob as standalone or together with mediation (like appodeal) ?

In my case I have around 15k impressions a day and today the ecpm is $0.44…